Wenso HR SMS is built specifically to meet the Home Office Guidelines of Tier 2 & 5 Sponsors!!!

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About HR SMS

HR SMS is unique, first of its kind and comprehensive HR Management Software that is designed and developed to meet the Home Office HR Sponsorship Management guidelines.

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HR SMS Advantages

“The entire process of UK HR Sponsorship Solution can be easily automated and managed giving you the advantage of generating quick reports. on the fly, saving you time, resources for improved efficiency.”

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HR SMS Benefits

Efficiency of administration, reduced cost, errors and paper work, risk mitigation, data analysis for informed decisions and fast processing are some vital benefits of HR SMS software.

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HR SMS Value

Increased organizational capabilities, Optimized work efficiency, distinct competitive advantage, united and consolidated approach allows you make faster decisions for manifold growth in business.

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Wenso Solutions

Wenso Solutions is IT, Software, Web, Mobile Application Development Company with headquarters in Manchester, UK. Wenso Solutions defines and delivers world class IT, Web and Mobile Application services and solutions to renowned companies around the world. Our enduring conviction has been that success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise and more than anything else, choosing the solutions made that suits and propels your business forward. Experiencing certainty with Wenso means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.

HR Sponsorship Management Solution is a product of Wenso Solutions

Amazing HR Sponsorship Management Features

Human Resources-Employee ManagementHuman Resources-Employee ProfileNotification Management-All EventsNotification Management-Holiday EventsRecruitment and Selection - Application - Edit Applicant RecordRecruitment and Selection - Schedule InterviewRecruitment and Selection - Vacancy and AssessmentReports Management - Employee Management - List of all Employees ReportReports ManagementSponsorship ManagementTime Management-Shift DetailsTime Management-Time Log

First Web Product For HR Sponsorship Management Solution

WENSO has launched the first HR SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT SOLUTION that is comprehensive and meets the complete guidelines of Home Office SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT


Talk of the Town

The idea of coming out with an all-inclusive HR Sponsorship Management Solution that is in consonance with the stipulated guidelines of Home Office Sponsorship Management is absolutely remarkable. This HR Solution makes the entire process so simple, so easy to manage. This indeed is a right HR product for sponsorship management at the right time.

– Michael Robinson, Leading HR Expert

“Effectively Recruit, Manage immigrant workforce and generate quick, customized reports as per Home Office guidelines and requirements..”